United Utility Services specializes in real estate management solutions. We use state-of-the-art web-based utility billing software designed exclusively for the sub-metering and RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System) industry. This unique software provides all of the core functions of a billing company – comprehensive billing, payment collections, online access, etc. – in a user friendly format that adapts to the individual needs of each property that we service. It enables consolidated billing for entire portfolios with real time updating that allows corporate officers, community staff members and residents to share information instantly.

The following is a list of services that can be incorporated into a custom billing program designed to increase your property’s NOI (Net Operating Income):


  • Unlimited billable charges – Customize each property’s invoice to include any and all billable charges to tenants, i.e. water, sewer, trash, electricity, gas, internet, cable, propane, rent, pet fees, parking fees, storage, etc.
  • Convergent billing – Add fees charged by property management to utility invoice by importing/exporting data with property software.
  • Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) – Divide a building’s utility bill among its residents based on a quantitative measure such as number of residents, number of bedrooms/bathrooms or square footage. RUBS can also be combined with sub metered billing.
  • Sub-metered billing – Various types of meters allow for billing based on individual unit usage. Monthly rate calculations are configured automatically based on property billing history. Allocation calculations can also be configured based on sub-metered usage.
  • Duplicate billing – Issue duplicate invoices to owners and tenants.
  • Vacant Cost Recovery – Cost recovery where rebilling by utility providers is not permitted.


  • On-Site – Resident payments can be accepted on site and processed accordingly through online access to the billing software.
  • Online – Residents can make payments online, with a checking account or credit card, once a user name and password has been established.
  • Phone – UUS customer service representatives accept check or credit card payments over the phone.
  • US MAIL – UUS provides a post office box address exclusively for receiving payments by mail.

Software Access for Community Managers

  • Permission – Managers can be allowed full or limited access to software, based on company policy.
  • Reports – Over one hundred customizable billing, consumption, demographic and financial reports are available, as well as various graphs and charts.
  • Move Ins/Outs – Managers can process move ins/outs information for residents, creating new accounts as well as generating final bills on site for departing tenants.
  • Financial Transactions – Payments, adjustments, late fees and credits can all be posted in real time, reflecting updated balances immediately.
  • Late Notices – Templates for late notices are available for customization and can be printed for any number of residents. Delinquent account reports can be accessed at any time.
  • Notes/Flags – Resident accounts can be notated at any time with information that can be flagged and viewed by all users.
  • Resident Assistance – Managers’ software access enables them to assist residents with online log in information retrieval, as well as provide them with account information.

Software Access for Residents

  • Security Code – Residents are provided a security code on their invoice which allows them to register online and access their account information.
  • Payments – Once registered, residents can make payments online using a secured payment service and view their updated balance immediately.
  • Ebill – Residents can opt for ebills by registering online, as well as provide their contact email address.
  • Billing History – Residents can view their entire billing history as well as access all invoices in PDF format for viewing and printing.



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